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Organic cytotec also arise as a result of impaired development of internal organs, with the pathological development of the gallbladder, as well as the excretory ducts. JVP often accompanies diseases of other organs of the digestive system. The development of this disease can lead to psycho-emotional disorders, neuroses, food allergies, disturbed diet, physical inactivity, parasitosis, smoking, alcohol and much more. Symptoms of biliary dyskinesia in children.

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Children, with this disease, complain of a painful formation in the right side, often spreading to the right shoulder blade. There are also a number of symptoms thatdisturbing children. These symptoms of dyskinesia are caused by a violation of nutrition, lifestyle, daily routine, nervous situation, stress, mental or physical stress, etc. The disease is manifested by pain in the abdomen, mainly in the right hypochondrium. Aching or cramping pains are accompanied by dyspeptic disorders. A characteristic feature is the connection of pain with neuropsychic and physical overload.

  • The basis of the productive treatment of misoprostol with biliary dyskinesia is dietary nutrition with the restriction of the use of fatty, fried, spicy, salty, sweets, soda. Recommended fractional (5-6 times a day) nutrition, enrichment of the diet with foods high in vegetable fiber, vitamins A, B, C, bifidus and lactobacilli, vegetable refined oils.
  • Treatment of biliary dyskinesia in children. It is necessary to regulate the motor mode of the child, create a favorable emotional background. In all cases, attention should be paid to the treatment of the underlying disease.
  • Children with hyperkinetic-hypertonic type of biliary dyskinesia are prescribed sedatives (phytocollections, novopassitis, persen), antispasmodics to relieve pain attacks (papaverine, no-shpa). The basis of the treatment of hypertensive-hyperkinetic biliary dyskinesia in children is choleretics and cholespasmolytics (flamin, allochol, cholenzym).
  • Psychotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy (paraffin baths, diathermy, inductothermy, electrophoresis with antispasmodics), massage of the cervical-collar zone have proven themselves well in the treatment of biliary dyskinesia in children.
  • With hypotonic-hypokinetic biliary dyskinesia in children, stimulating procedures are prescribed. Choleretic drugs with cholinergic effect are used.

Types of biliary dyskinesia. Allocate the main indicators of the work of the biliary tract - the tone of cytotec pills and sphincters and kinesia (outflow of bile along the passages). Based on these two indicators, there are several options for JVP. In practice, doctors use a dual classification, for patients, knowledge of the hypotonic and hypertonic types is sufficient, in addition, a mixed type is also distinguished. Manifestations of various types of the disease vary significantly.

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A valuable diagnostic method for this pathology is ultrasound. Ultrasound allows you to buy cytotec online the nature of motor disorders of the gallbladder, to diagnose anomalies of the biliary tract (kink, torsion, etc.).
Very often, it is precisely such structural features of the biliary tract or gallbladder that are the direct cause of dyskinesia. It is desirable to conduct a fractional duodenal sounding for a child. Changes in indicators in different portions of bile depend on the type of dyskinesia. In most cases, microscopy of bile reveals a violation of the colloidal balance of bile (an increase in the number of crystals of cholesterol, calcium bilirubinate). Very often, parasites are found in children's bile - vegetative forms of giardia, opistarchis eggs, larvae of Stroingyloides stercoralis, etc. X-ray contrast studies of the biliary system in children are rarely performed and only under strict indications.

Differential diagnosis. Biliary dyskinesia in the diagnosis must be differentiated from. The hyperkinetic form of gallbladder dyskinesia must also be differentiated from. Prevention and prognosis of biliary dyskinesia. Primary biliary dyskinesias have a favorable prognosis, however, it should be noted that long-term bile stasis in the gallbladder with hypokinetic dyskinesia contributes to the development of inflammation, as well as bile dyscrinia and stone formation. The course, development of complications and prognosis in patients with secondary dyskinesias depend on the course of the underlying disease.

I was diagnosed with JVP and chronic gastritis (according to the results of ultrasound and FGDS). It hurts constantly in the left side (the pain subsides for a while and reappears. I drank a course of De-nol, Omeprazole, Itopride, it didnвЂï¿½t get better, Hofitol, Festal and Nosh-pa were prescribed. Please tell me what kind of examination can I still do? Answer. Ultrasound and FGDS enough. Treatment should be accompanied by a strict diet.

  • Tell me, JVP can somehow influence the weight? I mean the ratio of body weight to order misoprostol online. I am worried about my body weight, or rather lack of mass. There are no deviations in symptoms. Sometimes the pain in the hypochondrium bothers me when I eat fat. As a child, Botkin was ill.
  • With any type of biliary dyskinesia, digestion is disturbed, the absorption of nutrients worsens, and fat metabolism is especially affected. In addition, with a lack of bile, appetite decreases. With a long course of the disease, patients begin to slowly lose weight.
  • I was diagnosed with dyskinesia of the duodenum and biliary tract 7 years ago, then I underwent a course of treatment and still did not bother. Now the pains have begun again and are stronger in the area of the solar plexus, sometimes they are accompanied by pains in the area of the liver and seizes the whole stomach, it also happens with severe spasms that fills the mouth with some kind of liquid.

I drink the medicines that were prescribed to me then, i.e. mezim, allohol, I also drank a decoction of calendula and a decoction of corn stigmas, befungin - it does not help. Tell me what it is and how to treat it. Answer. Hello, you need to do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and FGDS with a test for H. pylori, with the results for a consultation with a gastroenterologist. You can take Duspatalin 1 capsule 2 times a day. Question. Hello! The child is 4 years old. Call into question biliary dyskinesia. They made an uzi. gallbladder after trial breakfast 6.1 cm.* 1.4 cm. V=5.3 cm3. The walls are thin 0.1 cm. The form is normal, the content is heterogeneous. There are no concretes. Contractile function 65%. Gallbladder after 40 min. after a trial breakfast 4.8 * 0.8, V = 1.9 cm3. Ultrasound on an empty stomach was not done, I did not understand the doctor. Is it possible to determine the diagnosis in this way or not? Haven't been in yet.

Ultrasound with a choleretic breakfast is done on an empty stomach, then breakfast is given and ultrasound is watched in 15-30-45-60 minutes. More often, polyclinic doctors are limited to research on an empty stomach and after 30 or 45 minutes. Question. Hello! I am 23 years old, after examination (ultrasound, swallowing a tube, probing the gallbladder) I was diagnosed with gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, biliary dyskinesia. Concerns about nausea, especially in the morning, poor appetite, weakness. Help please, what treatment will be the most effective?